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Tbox® To-Go

The perfect tampon case for on-the-go.™

The Tbox to-go is a sleek tampon holder for the purse, pocket, or backpack. The easy-snap lid keeps tampons secure and secret pill box on the bottom makes the Tbox to-go a lifesaver. The product doubles as a mirror for a quick check.

The best part about Tbox to-go? Its sleek and upscale design makes it look like it’s make-up. Perfect for a quick pass to a friend in need.
  • Tbox to-go’s sleek design holds up to three tampons.
  • The easy-snap lid keeps tampon secure.
  • The secret pill box on the bottom makes the Tbox to-go a lifesaver.
  • The product is mirrored for a quick makeup check.
TBOX Tampon Holder for Locker
TBOX Tampon Holder 

Tbox® – The Original

The most perfect tampon holder. Period.™

So easy, discreet and fun! Simplify life by having tampons close by – where you need them, when you need them.
  • A unique tampon holder, housing up to eight tampons.
  • Attaches to the toilet with super strong suction cups, but removes easily if needed.
  • Opens easily with one hand.
  • The tampon case is water resistant, keeping tampons dry and protected.

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Tbox Girl Tampon Holder

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